Couch to 5K

I have officially signed up to do my first ever Harpenden 10K run due to occur October 2020.  

However, as I am currently built for comfort and not for speed, it is not a simple case of just chucking on my running shoes and away we go. Thus, I have also downloaded the NHS OneYou Couch to 5K app. 

As I hate these sorts of things, I have decided to announce it on here and track my progress so I don’t whimp out.

I even signed up to Strava to record progress

02 September update: Couch to 5k on hold as I stuffed my left knee and back. Whales are not designed to run on land


For the last two years, I have been participating in Movember in November, and will be doing the same this year.

What is “Movember”? Well, it is actually two things – firstly, it is it a portmanteau of the diminutive word for moustache – “mo” and the month “November”. Secondly, for the entire month of November, from a clean-shaven start, I grow a moustache to both raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide.I will be participating again in 2020, so, watch out for the photograph which shows day one and the naked face, sans goatee. I will post growing progress reports and photos, and you will also be able to a link to my
“Mo-space” webpage for anyone who may wish to donate to support men’s health.

Under production

ELMO Management Theory [working title]

Course production stage: Pre-production

Course type: Online training course

Launch date: Scheduled for December 2020

Course purpose: 

Rather than view team members as being trouble makers or disruptors, rather change your lens and see them them as your Allies. The point to realise is they don’t realise they can be allies. This is where ELMO management comes in.

ELMO management will enable you to multiple your leadership and management engagement within your team, whether they are embracers or disruptors. 

The purpose of this course is to introduce to you some effective tools and techniques to help you with your ELMOs.

Proposed topics:

  1. Definition of an Extra Large Management Opportunity
  2. Introduction to the Cohen-Bradford Influencing without Authority method
  3. Introduction to the Capability Transfer/Build model
  4. Capability Building your Disruptors
  5. Capability Building your Enablers

The Novice’s Guide to Project and Activity Traffic Light Systems [working title]

Course production stage: Production – script and ebook being written

Course type: Online training course

Launch date: Scheduled for September 2020

Course purpose: 

To present a different perspective on how to utilise the ‘Red, Amber, Green’ traffic light system in project and activity management. This course will be looking to add often overlook concepts like tolerances and the learning curve.

Proposed modules:

  1. Introduction and course overview
  2. Introduction to the Traffic Light System
  3. Traditional uses
  4. Perils of Perception – Disadvantages of the traditional traffic light system
  5. New Traffic Light System
  6. Resources including templates

The Novice’s Guide to Risk and Issue Management: 2020

Course production stage: Pre-production concept stage – course structure has been developed

Course type: Online training course

Launch date: Scheduled for October 2020

Course purpose: 

People tend to approach Risk and Issue Management in either a benign or misinterpreted way. They understand the difference between what a risk and what an issue is. Unfortunately they also treat this difference through separating the two entirely – which is wrong. This is because:

  1. they don’t understand the difference between an event and the probability an event will occur; or
  2. they think risks are risks and risks are issues; or
  3. they allow for observer bias to influence risk and issue management; or
  4. they don’t understand how time management influences risk – leading to lazy management.

The purpose of this course is to help improve people’s understanding of how to identify true risks and issues, mitigate them correctly and then manage them effectively and in a timely manner.