Mid-life crisis? What mid-life crisis!
I am actually in an original movie musical!

Two announcements!

A really big and important one– the new www.thinkprofoundly.com website has just gone live!

A not so big and important one – I am about to hit 50!

Okay, I accept turning 50 is a bit of a milestone, after all doesn’t my mid-life crisis await? They tell me there is still time to reflect, to un-do, and reboot before it is too late and I “crisis succumb”, cash in, move to Brighton, grow a ponytail, buy the fancy sports car and date that twenty-year-old.

Yeah Nah, ain’t gunna happen…for two reasons you see.

Firstly, I already have had it! Two years ago – July 2018 to be exact. Two years ago, I had then the full on, robbo-chucky, reaching “rock-bottom”, suicidal tendencies, going to die mid-life crisis. I left a great, stable job with delusions of grandeur. I was going to launch my own successful consultancy business, raking in the cash as contracts fall at my feet – easy peasy. Reality struck. the fantasy crashing down on a Sunday night when I stayed up all night, afraid to sleep because I thought if I did, I would not wake up again.

Luckily for me, I didn’t: Veni, vidi, surrexit autem T-shirt.

Secondly, the launching of the new thinkprofoundly.com is not as a result of any mid-life crisis, and subsequent reboot, remake nor reimagining. Rather, it’s one of those mid-life endangered beasts known as an original movie idea [albeit based on the original character name].

Please indulge me as I explain.

When Disney announced in 2015, they were making a new Mary Poppins film it was confused as a sequel to the original, some even assumed it was a reboot. Instead, it is actually an original movie musical. This is the philosophy behind the new website.

Since July 2018 I have been doing a lot of things. As well as working in my day job, I have been rebuilding through writing, learning, creating, teaching, and embracing my video gaming addiction. After my lovely wife started to complain about “all the printing out” I was doing, I decided I needed a single hub where I could put all the things, I am passionate about and/or working on in one place.

Hence, why not create an original “movie” utilising an old website – and that is how we got to here.

So, welcome to thinkprofoundly. I hope you will accept my invitation to visit, to pull up a pew, to take a load off, to sit and stay awhile.

There is no hard sell, just my personal space where you can see what I am up to, am doing, creating, thinking about, or may want to do. I hope this space has something which resonates with you.

Otherwise, feel to contact me for a chat over virtual cup of coffee, or maybe I will see you out there in the gaming world.

Kia kaha