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Over the last few years, it has felt as if all you needed to do was use terms like ‘end to end systems’, ‘holistic thinking’, ‘get it right first time’ or ‘keep the customer at the heart of our business’ and the problem, product or even the world, would naturally improve – especially if you ‘operate at pace’ or establish your team so that it can ‘rapidly and flexibly respond to change’.

The unfortunate outcome is the only thing we have managed to do is add additional layers – increasing the noise, the frustration and the failure. All of this then leads you to ask a very simple question:

“Why were we not successful?”

Over my career of the last twenty years, I have become fascinated with the answer to this question. The more I look at it, the more that I believe the answer lies in understanding and maximising the interrelationships between key and distinguishable elements – Leadership, Capabilities, Systems and Performance.

That is why I have written this eBook. I want to share this framework with you. I believe that you are reading this because you share this curiosity and want to understand how to be more successful, so please enjoy reading.</P.

1. Introduction
2. Why a new approach is needed!
3. Key area 1: Leadership
4. Key area 2: Capability
5. Key area 3: System
6. Key area 4: Performance
7. Conclusion



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