Kia ora and Welcome! I’m Jason Guest

I created this hub because I wanted to put all the things that I am passionate about and/or working on in one place. I like to make things, share them, think about stuff in an innovatively different way, or just chill out in denial that I am addicted to video games.

This place is just my personal interweb space, where all the things I have done, am doing, thinking about, creating, or want to do can live.   The reason why it is on the internet is because my wife was complaining about how much paper I was “wasting printing things out!”

So welcome to thinkprofoundly. Pull up a pew, take a load off, sit and stay awhile. There is no hard sell here, although I hope this space may have something which resonates with you. 

Feel to contact me for a chat over a virtual cup of coffee, or maybe I will see you out there in the gaming world.

“To read well, to write expressively,  to solve problems creatively,  to think profoundly, and  to persevere in their work because they have a clear, authentic purpose  for learning —  for being. They realize that they are part of something much bigger than themselves…”

What I am…

How does an introvert survive living in a family of talkers? Through writing. One of my nicknames in the Army was ‘Author’, because if I was asked a question I would give you a page. Blessed with a rich inner voice, I have the occasional profound mused rambling, pearl of wisdom or just a mad theory about something.

I come from a family of teachers so I have an innate love for teaching and sharing. There is nothing like an ‘ah ha’. There is something really cool in helping people build internal capabilities. The other awesome part about teaching or constructing courses is I also get to learn along as well.

Seemingly in perpetual Beta, I love those moments of profound discovery, and the resulting shift in my understanding of me and the world I live in. I find it really cool to always learn; or just enjoy the feeling of satisfaction of tinkering away on one of my personal projects.

I am what you would call a mature aged gamer who covers a…diverse games portfolio. If it has a military, strategy, city or transport management focus I am there. I am not ashamed to say I am a Trekkie, and there is definitely something therapeutic in blowing away Zombies and Vampires. 


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